KFC (Krispy Fried Cauliflower)


This clever dish is inspired by a seasoning my grandmother would use for frying chicken and vegetables in when we lived in Trinidad.  Something I still very much do now.  It reminds me of the well-known ‘popcorn chicken’ and I can literally eat buckets of it.  These also work well as a ‘crouton’ on top of soups and in salads.


  • 1 cauliflower, broken into small florets,  par-boiled for 5 minutes, until a fork can easily pierce it.  Season well with salt.

  • Seasoning flour recipe:

Ingredients:       200g cornflour 

                                200g plain flour

                                8 tsp paprika

                                4 tsp dried thyme

                                4 tsp garlic granules

                                2 tsp sea salt flakes

                                1 tsp onion powder

                                1 tsp celery salt

                                1 tsp cayenne pepper

                                ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper


Buttermilk, or if vegan, make your own buttermilk:  1tbsp lemon juice top up with coconut milk (not from can, but actually milk substitute) so buttermilk is 240ml.  Mix and leave to rest for a few minutes.


Method:               1.  Whisk together all the dry seasoning flour ingredients.

                               2.  dip the floret into the seasoning flour mix, then into the buttermilk, then back into the seasoning flour mix. 

  3.  Deep fry until golden and crispy.

  4.  Drizzle with agave syrup, sprinkle over a pinch of cayenne pepper and serve with hot sauce! Go all out and serve with roast sweet potato puree, or sweet potato fries.