LittleFoot, or, Where Did I Go?

I've literally spent twenty minutes deliberating what best to title this blog post - "What I've Mostly Been Doing These Past Few Months"/"Where Did Caribbean Go"/"Been A Long Time" (..."shouldn't've left you...without a dope beat to step too" (whoops, got a bit carried away there)).  In the end I decided to simply title it "LittleFoot" - because that, or rather, he, has been my occupation for the last ten and a bit weeks.  

Who is LittleFoot?  He is my darling dumpling of a son, and he is right now taking a nap, which means there are a few minutes for me to frantically run around shoving milk-stained muslins in the washing machine, throwing together the basics to make tonight's dinner as quick as possible (compromising as little as possible on taste...more on this later), grab some breakfast (yes, I am aware it's 3.30pm), reply to e-mails and type this up (whilst constantly checking the monitor to make sure that he is breathing!).  Oh, I forgot that I needed the loo too, back in a sec!

Anyway, as LittleFoot and I have come to a compromise (that he seems to often renege on) and have started to work out a bit of a routine, it has been so nice to start dipping my toes, very daintily mind you, back into work.  And quite fittingly, as the weather begins to hint of Caribbean promise (I wish!).  So look out for a few special events and supper clubs over the Summer, along with other exciting news.  And also more regular blog posts and recipes - as Caribbean-inspired as ever, but now with a definite focus on quick and simple, reflecting where my life is now.

You may well question the existence of said LittleFoot (as you will see I rarely ever post any snaps of him in my social media), so I'll leave you with this happy face, just this once!