The Breadline Challenge: Days 5, 6 and 7


8am:  I have a packed day today, some prep for an event on Sunday, a meeting and some work that I have been putting off all week!  I grab a banana and a cup of tea and crack on.  I’m not feeling hungry, so this should be fine.

 11.15am:  Time has marched on and I have to leave to head to my meeting.  I eat one of my ‘energy’ banana and peanut butter flapjacks, pop the leftover lentils, spinach and caramelized onion oatcakes into my bag for lunch and off I go.  Full and content.

 1.15pm:  I’m starving post-meeting, so I become one of ‘those’ people and eat my leftover oatcake lunch on the district line back home.  I still have £1.32 to spend so I decide to pop into Sainsbury’s to see if anything special has cropped up in the ‘reduced’ section.  Alas, nothing really, except for coke and cider, and I don’t need to go there just yet!  I do manage to get the lovely lady at the deli counter to cut me 25g of Ticklemore cheddar (the cheapest cheese available).  She moans a bit, but in the end cuts it bang on!  I also cave and buy chocolate bourbons for 25p.  I still have 89p for a final splurge tomorrow.

 3.45pm:  Finishing off a little of my flapjack with some peanut butter spread on top.  Hunger pangs are kicking in ….

 6pm:  I meet an old friend who has just come from NYC in a local pub.  He orders a glass of red.  This is definitely the toughest temptation that has presented itself to me this week.  It is Friday, everyone is buzzing and happy, unwinding and drinking.  My friend offers me a sip of his wine and I think about it for a good 10 minutes, no kidding.  “No one will ever know”, he says, like the naughty voice in my head.  I think I have come so far and with just the weekend to get through, I would never forgive myself.  I am to close to the end now…

 7.30pm:  Ravenous and feeling totally deflated, as you can imagine after watching someone enjoy a glass of wine when you can’t, I head home and whip up a delicious and comforting Welsh rarebit with some of the malted granary bread that is a little stale now.  Just 46p, but it tasted pretty marvellous and I am super content. 

9pm:  A decide to go ‘all-out’ and enjoy 4 bourbon cream biscuits dipped into the second to last of my emergency hot choc sachets.


7.30am:  Cup of tea in bed, at 3p, an almost perfect Saturday morning (just missing that warm croissant, jam and brie!).  I have a lot of prep to get on with this morning for tomorrow’s big event.  I also manage to squeeze in a Tabata class.  Bonus.  I pop out for a few more ingredients and decide to spent the remaining 89p I have leftover.  I don’t need anything for the next two days so I am going to be reckless and buy things I want.  Apparently today that’s chocolate coins, a banana and baked beans.  Way to go me!

 12.45pm:  Brunch time.  Fry-up!  Including fried bread bits from some of the leftover stale malted granary bread.  That baked beans purchase, smart!  This typical Saturday indulgence cost less than 60p!

3pm: Bourbon cream biscuit time…. 1, 2, 3 and a half!

 6.30pm: Oddly, I am not at all hungry but craving something sweet.  I whip up a roast pepper soup for under 40p and wolf it down, just to give my body some goodness before making this monster:  baked banana, slashed down the middle and stuffed with smashed gold coins, bourbon cream biscuits and peanut butter.  I pop it into the oven for about 20 minutes and pop it into one of my banana split dishes.  I’m thinking how wonderful it would be with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream…  Anyway, I plop myself onto the sofa and am eating it in ecstasy, it could almost be a usual Saturday night.  Oh and did I mention that it is less than 30p. For all that decadence!

10pm:  I head to bed early, because I have an event tomorrow to cater for.  Also, what I am going to do on a Saturday night that doesn’t involve eating, drinking, snacking…  Just one more day to go!


8am:  I get up early, indulge in a cup of a tea, a large bowl of porridge and the leftover malted granary bread that I toast … and burn … dammit!  About 7p for breakfast (I didn’t include the toast…).  I get on with the last bit of prep for today’s event.  It is difficult show self-control with all this beautiful food being made.  Just not for me!

 6pm:  Like most event/pop-up days, I don’t really eat during ‘service’.  I am home and starving!  I have leftover baked beans and kidney beans that I through together, along with the leftover sausages, eggs and onion that I slow caramelised this morning.  I really couldn’t be happier with this Sunday dinner.

8pm:  I devour the remaining chocolate coins and a couple bourbon cream biscuits.

10pm:  I go to bed full and excited about tomorrow morning!

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